#CarrFire Relief Project

The Curious Student Foundation has been watching with horror and consideration the tragedy in Redding, CA–The Carr Fire. We are working on a plan to help some of the affected families.
If you aren’t familiar with the Carr Fire, you can learn more first hand from local families on the Carr-Fire Facebook group. There are stories there such as the husband and wife whose car got stuck and had to run for their lives before the fire for 3 or 4 miles through brush and trees, arriving just in time to catch a ride to safety. We have also been in touch with one of our partners holding a STEM camp in the area, Innovation Academy, and learned that some of their students for the up coming camp (August 7-10) have lost their homes.
We have decided to partner with the Innovation Academy to make a small dent in the pain and frustration in the aftermath of the Carr Fire by returning all or part of the registration fees paid by the families with students attending the Innovation Tech Camp next week, August 7-10 (depending on the amount of project support received).
Our target amount to raise is $10,983 to cover the cost of camp and send some supplies as well. If 110 donations for $100 come in we can reach this goal. Alternatively, only 11 donations for $1000 would also cover the project. Pass this page on and encourage your friends to help. 
We will send home a letter to all the families encouraging them to help other families in Redding with the returned money, if their family was not impacted by the fire, or to use the money to rebuild, if they were.
If we have a surplus of support for this project, we will buy supplies in Sacramento or a city nearby on the way to Redding. We will partner with families and other local organizations to distribute the supplies to where they are needed. This project has a short time limit, so act quickly.
At a time like this, grass roots support will be quick and efficient to supply needs of Redding families affected by the Carr Fire.  We will report on this project via our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/CuriousStudentFoundation).
Please use the button below to donate to the #CarrFire Relief Project now.  In the “Tribute Gift” section, please indicate “CarrFire” or “Redding”.