To Donate: If you are an organization or individual that wishes to provide financial assistance for students, please contact us at 858-880-7378 for more information.

To Apply: Our camp scholarships and financial aid program is a partnership between the camper families, donating organizations, and our own company’s fund. Transportation and incidentals are the responsibility of the scholarship recipient.  These scholarships and financial aid are to be applied to this year’s Engineering Camps only.

We have a limited number of scholarships available based on financial need. The number and amount of scholarships available is based upon the contributions we receive combined with the allocated funds that our corporate partners have set aside for scholarships. Our foundation is committed to assisting as many campers as possible in their quest to experience their own adventure at Summer Camps. While we sometimes receive more requests than scholarships are available and occasionally are unable to accept an application, we do strive to work with parents and organizations to assist as many students as we can.

Scholarship requests for large amounts may require verification by a copy of your family’s most recent tax returns.

To receive a scholarship or financial aid, please fill out the following form.  All fields are mandatory.

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